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Office of the Secretary to the Sanggunian


Resolutions Passed/Ordinances Enacted - 2011

Year 2011 - 195  ( as of 15 June 2011) 

  •    87 Originated from Sangguniang Panlalawigan
  • 108 Reviewed/approved City/Municipal Ordinances 

Year 2010 302 

  • 148 Originated from Sangguniang Panlalawigan
  • 146 reviewed/approved  City/Municipal Ordinances
RESOLUTIONS / ORDINANCES  passed were summarized into: 
  1. Review and approval of ordinances enacted by cities / municipalities;
  2. Accreditations of NGOs;
  3. Review/approval/appropriation of funds for proper administration of our Provincial Government and provision of basic services & facilities to the Lagunense, to support the K2 KINSE KUMPLETO Program of our Hon. Gov. Jeorge “ER” Ejercito Estregan


As the local Legislators continue to perform their legislative tasks relevant in setting the policy environment  for a more reponsive local governance, the SPO in turn  do their share by serving as legislative arm of the Sanggunian. Relatively crafting of sound resolutions and ordinances were made possible.

 Some Important Resolution/Ordinances Passed

a.  Adoption and strict implementation of all laws, ordinances and regulations relative to the preservation, rehabilitation and protection of environment (Res. No. 175-2010)

b.  Development of an Environmental Code for Laguna (Res. No. 176-2010)

c.  Creation of an Environmental Council in Laguna (Res. No. 177-2010)

d.  Submission of Disaster Preparedness Plan from each city/municipality (Res. No.17-2011)

e.  Holding of an Environmental Summit (Res. No. 13-2011)

Highlight Importance to the Flag-Ship Program – Save Laguna de Bay to Prevent Flooding)

f.   Approval of Appropriation Ordinance no. 3 for Supplemental Investmen Plan of Laguna (Res. No. 181-2010 and Res. No. 182-2010)


g. Approval of the amendments to the Annual Investment Plan (AIP) of  Laguna to implement infra./rehab projects, i.e. Old Capitol Bldg.,HRMO Bldg., Assesor’s Office Stockroom and CSC Office and Stockroom  (Res. No. 223-2010)


h.  Implementation of E-Government (Res. No. 264-2010 / Approp. Ord. no. 5)


i.   Approval for the inclusion in the AIP 2010 of Laguna of the priority infra. Projects for different municipalities (Res. No. 263-2010)


j.   Institution of Provincial Health Clinic within the Capitol Cmpd (Res. no. 8-2011)


k.  Creation of the Laguna Provincial Chest Center (Res. No. 262-2010


l.   Implementation of Fourmula One for Health (F1) (Res. No. 225-2010)


m. Establishment of Additional Schools for the handicapped, deaf and mute and Blind students (Res. No. 12-2011)


n.  Institution of the Provincial Cooperative Development Office (Res. No. 257-2010


o.  Kabuhayan Starter Kit and Kabataan Information Technology Opportunities (K-ITO) Projects (Res. No. 250-2010)


p.  Appeal to Dep-Ed to have an Independent Subject on Environment for Secondary Level (Res. No. 18-2011)


q.  Request of Statistical Data of the Number of Students for Projection Purposes (Res. No. 14-2011)


r.   Furnishing the Provincial Government of Laguna a Quarterly Report on Apprehended Motorcycles and Confiscated Accessories (Res. No. 11-2011)


s. First Plastic Bottle School Project (Res. No. 266-2010)


t.  Display of Pictures of Dr. Jose Rizal in all classrooms (Res. No. 9-2011)


u. Represent the SP in Twinning and International Affairs of the Province (Res. No. 15-2011)



Total Session held from January 5 to June 15, 2011


                                 21  Regular Sessions

                                   5  Special Sessions

                                   3  No Quorum 

          Total        29 Sessions