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Provincial Urban Development and Housing Office



housing ppt





E.O. 48 - Abandoned PNR railroad to socialized housing

Santa Cruz, Pagsanjan PNR Abandoned Areas:

          Vice President Hon. Jejomar Binay awarded 1,342 occupants residents of PNR abandoned railroads witin Santa Cruz and

Pagsanjan areas.


District I

1. Innovation Ville Homeowners Asso. Inc. Phase 1-6, Brgy. Pooc, Santa Rosa City

Social Housing Finance Corp. has already approved the community mortgage loan of all phases and paid-up the lot owner PDIC 50% of total lot cost.   PUDHO being the originator received a total of more than P464,000.00 as an originator's fee and put on housing trust fund.

Innovation Ville HOA phases 1-6 were busy transferring the title of ownership to the association and requested capital gains tax exemption to BIR thru PDIC.

They were also helped by PUDHO on compliance of their site development loan

 District 2

1. Apolega Ville HOA  formerly named  Mothers Movement HOA, Brgy. Banlic, Calamba City

- Has transferred ownership from lot owner to homeowners association.  Recently started land development by "bayanihan system" and on its drainage concreting. Right of way has been concreted, too. It was done through savings mobilization made by each members on a regular basis. 

 - HOA is now applying for site development and unitization


 2. Gawad Kalinga Friendship Ville Los Banos, Brgy. Tuntungin, Putho, Los Banos, Laguna

Approved CMP loan from SHFC and only loaned 50% of the total lot cost. 50% were paid by the membership.

Certificate of Lot Award was given to the 15 families signifying of their ownership their occupying.

Concreted 200 meters  roadways was awarded by the governor.

 District 3

1. Cecilia Ville HOA - San Diego San Pablo City

    -As per record, HOA is only P79,000.00 short to pay the lot from the lot owner.

   - Already transferred tax declaration to the association and is for applying for a title (free patent )


 District 4A

1. Paradise Ville HOA - Concepcion, Lumban

-   Already paid the lot to the lot owner.

-  HOA for registration and securing permits and licenses.


 District 4B

1. KASALO HOA Kalayaan, Laguna

meeting with the KASALO HOA President Mr. Emilio Aguila and PUDHO District Officers together with the representative of the Provincial Treasurers Office for the Loan granted to the community association that is already way due over, a scheme was discussed to settle the loan to the provincial government. A general assembly meeting is scheduled to relay to the members the plans for the payments.

2. Happy Homes HOA, Kalayaan, Laguna

A luncheon meeting with Mr. Rainier Leopando and Happy Home Owners Asso. Officers together with PUDHO District 4B Officers Arnel Fuentes and Zolan Bernardino was conducted at Siniloan Laguna, Mr. Leopando extendedly explains the HLURB Financial Aid program for the Happy Home Owners Association, in connection with the program Mr. Leopando discussed the possibilities of future plans of assistance for the HOA.

3. La Loma HOA, Kalayaan, Laguna

a meeting with Mr. Flory Asedillo, Municipal Councilor of Kalayaan, Laguna and land owner of the La Loma HOA relocation site, for the pertinent documents needed for the transfer, and registration purposes, explained to him the procedure of how the transaction should go and the needed steps for his constituents to acquire the property.

4. Casa Real HOMPC INC. Phase I, Pakil, Laguna

 A general meeting was conducted explaining to the members of the step by step procedure of transferring to them the title of the property and the payments to it, documents needed with it, the responsibility of each and everyone. As of the moment the land owner Mrs. Roselyn Cabrera is in the process of providing them the much needed documents such as the Extra Judicial Partition, State Tax payments, and the Aggregate land holdings to their property. Casa Real Home owners Multi Purpose Cooperative are still trying to come up with some plans in paying their loan to the Provincial Government  of Laguna amounting to P400,000.00.

5. SAINT PETERS VILLE HOA, Pakil, Laguna  - Inspection and meeting with the Saint Peter’s HOA Officers headed by Mr. Jun Valero that they are requesting the assistance of the Provincial Urban Development and Housing Office for their re-registration from CDA to HLURB, re-documentation is on going due to the misplaced documents by the former officers.

 6. BANILAN HOA Pakil, Laguna– The association is already fully paid to the land owner, problem is that due to the time they took in paying the property, their registration was dissolved by the CDA in which they are registered for not complying the CDA’s annual report and financial statements, solution, they are to be registered to HLURB in order for them again to enter in a contract and sign to the owners Deed of Absolute Sale.

7. KABULUSAN HOA Pakil, Laguna - Newly elected and incoming President Abel Limos of Kabulusan Home Owners Associaton of Kabulusan, Pakil, Laguna pays a visit to Geodetic Engineer Nemesio Regalado in regards with the Survey works being done to their Housing project site, assisted by District 4B Officers Arnel Fuentes and Zolan Bernardino, Engr. Regalado explains to Mr. Limos the scope of work stipulated within their signed contract, schedule and percentage of payments was also discussed, a date was set for Engr. Nemesio Regalado to continue the survey works.

8. SITIO BUNDUKIN HOASta. Maria, Laguna - Follow-up research on the Sitio Bundukin HOA of Brgy. Cabuoan, Sta. Maria, Laguna, the community association has asked for our assistance to mediate with the local government for them to fully acquire the property they are living at. A meeting with Municipal councilors was scheduled for the much needed sanggunian resolution stating the willingness of the local government to award the subject property to its occupants.

9. FAMY, Laguna - Meeting with the local Government officers in line with the Proposed housing project for the informal settlers along the National Hi-way affected by the Manila East Road Project. Discussed the possibility of acquiring the property of Mayor Renonia Muramatsu as the project site. A resolution is being prepared by the local government of Famy requesting the Provincial Government of the possible donation of the Salang Bato Property owned by the province.