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Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office

Laguna Drug Rehabilitation Services



_____ Birth Certificate

_____ Brgy. Clearance

_____ Mayor's Referral

_____ Social Case Study Report (SCSR)

_____ Recent Whole Body Picture

_____ Medical Certificate (Stating the client has no communicable disease)

_____ Court Order


The center caters the following services:


  • Social Services – Interventions that seek to restore and develop social functioning of the residents from admission to discharge and preparation for family reunification and community integration.


  • Psychological Servicesin depth assessment and evaluation of clients personality and behavior to rule out mental disorder among the drug dependents thru administration of different psychological tests.


  • Homelife Servicesrefers to provision of basic necessities such as nutritious food, beddings, facilities, development of values, modification of attitude and behavior and appropriate social skills, Therapeutic activities include: arts and crafts, daily chores and work assignments, recreational, sports and other cultural activities.


  • Health Services – provision of health care services like physical examination, dental and treatment on referral basis under the supervision of the nurse.


  • Non Formal Education Services – refer to provision for non formal and occupational education in preparation for independent living or discharge from the center. The center provides vocational courses like welding, carpentry, Food Processing and Preservation, Reflexology vegetable gardening, etc…


  • Special Events – Special programs are undertaken to break the centers routine and to give the residents a semblance of ordinary life outside. Activities include family day, Christmas, New Year, birthday, Holy Week, anniversary and sports festival.


  • Spiritual Services – activities that promote spiritual enrichment to enhance the moral and spiritual aspect of the resident.


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