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Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office


Orange Card
  1. Facilitated the formulation of the proposed Execuitive Order of the Laguna Health Access Program which was approved and signed by the Governor on October, 2010. That is "E.O. No. 16";
  2. Facilitated the formulation and finalization of Policies and Guidelines of the "The Laguna Health Access program" in 26 municipalities and 4 cities of Laguna;
  3. Presented the Laguna Health Access Program Policies and Guidelines to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, League of Mayors, ALSWDOPI, League of Barangays, ABC, and all Day Care Workers;
  4. Provision and distribution of ID cards to 1st 100 identified beneficiaries - 100 families;
  5. Conducted interviews, screenings and assessment of applicants for the program - 30,000 families;
  6. Processed bills submitted by hospitals for payment - 342 bills/patients;
  • View the Billing Statement on the  Downloads section 

 Case Management (Community-based)

  1. Case Management of abused children and facilitation in court (sexually-abused - 8 cases, adoption cases - 1 case, and physically abused - 1 case)

Early Childhood Care and Development

  1. Orientation on the functionality of BCPC and on Convention of the Rights of the Child and related national law - 995 Day Care Workers and Local Barangay Officials
  2. Production of advocacy materials - 67 t-shirts
  3. Rehabilitation of 4 Day Care Centers - ongoing
  4. ABSNET Registration of NGO's and PO's involved in Social Welfare Programs - 6nGOs and POs
  5. Monitoring and networking with NGOs - 15 NGO's

 Day Care Service

  1. Provision of financial assistance to Day Care Workers and Supervisors - 594 beneficiaries
  2. Provided Psycho-social Intervention to ECCD Children - 33,000 Day Care Children
  3. Conduct meeting of the DCW Federation - 3 meetings

Children in Conflict with the Law

  1. Formulation and supervision of diversion/intervention of programs and activities to children in conflict with the law

Minor Traveling Abroad

  1. Evaluation of application for minors traveling abroad

 Financial Assistance given

  1. Medical Assistance - 12,505 clients
  2. ESA - 70 beneficiaries
  3. Assistive devices - 30 beneficiaries
  4. Burial Assistance - 1,632 beneficiaries
  5. Transportation - 50 beneficiaries

Catastrophic Cases (STL Fund)

  1. Dialysis - 356 beneficiaries
  2. Chemotheraphy - 340 beneficiaries
  3. Heart Operation - 40 beneficiaries
  4. Kidney Transplant - 30 beneficiaries
  5. Other cases (Caesarian, Accident, Stroke, etc.) -290 beneficiaries

Psycho-social Intervention

  1. Counseling - 236 clients
  2. Referrals - 3,888 clients
  3. Home Visit - 75 clients

 Provision of Food Packages

  1. Disaster Relief Operation - 17, 000 food packs
  2. Pamaskong Handog - 360, 000 food packs

 Disaster Management

  1. Training/seminars/symposia of stakeholders on Disaster Risk Reduction Management - 20 training with 1,500 participants
  2. Evaluation and processing of application for Emergency Shelters Assistance - 4,500 applicants
  3. Distribution of financial assistance to disaster victims - 3, 699 beneficiaries

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino (4Ps)

  • View the Disbursement Report on  Downloads section

Skills Training

Swedish/Reflexology                           464 Trained Clients
Meat Processing                                151 Trained Clients
Candle Making                                     63 Trained Clients
Yema Making                                     150 Trained Clients
Bonsai Making                                     52 Trained Clients
Flower Arranging                                  45 Trained Clients
Sewing Craft                                       270 Trained Clients
Food Processing                                148 Trained Clients
Baking                                              190 Trained Clients
Wellness Massage                            160 Trained Clients
Industrial Sewing Machine Operation    46 Trained Clients