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Provincial Cooperative Development Office


        A model province with empowered and progressive cooperatives as partners of the local government in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the Laguneños particularly the marginalized sectors.
     To develop viable and self-reliant cooperative through enterprise development, and continuous training and education for them to  become effective instrument for values, social and economic transformation.
    To create an empowereed, progressive, and self-sustained cooperatives in Laguna as active players in the business sector thereby uplifting the socio, political, economic, cultural and spiritual (SPECS) conditions of the poverty groups. Thus, through established cooperatives with micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and secured livelihood programs will help enhanced the province's economic growth and market competitiveness both local and national.
     1. To strengthen and secure the existing and potential cooperatives by providing them access to the new and advanced cooperative technologies and livelihood development programs. 
     2. To enhance the quality of life of the coop members in the province through provision of basic support needs and services such as micro-finance (savings and credit), market and product development and linkage, physical infrastructure (access roads and bridges, farm to market roads, buildings and facilities), entrepreneurship development and management.
     3. To become an accredited CDA Training Provider and this will serve as the center point  of action or venue for technology transfer, cooperative program management and development.
                        1. Maintain administrative concern, standard operating procedures and program implementation records,                                          personnel and general support services.
                             a.     Coordinate with other government offices for personnel and administrative implementing rules and                                              regulation matters.
                             b.     Improve the career path mechanism, rewars system, and helpful mechanism for the supervisors and rank                                and file.
                             c.     Provide institution building mechanism, capability building seminars, and others. 
                         2. Maintain effective office file system and introduce efficient management information system for PCDO Plans,                                PES, etc.
                          a.       Monitor and prepare reports on leave/absences, tardiness/under time on Attendance Tracking System (ATS).
                          b.       Prepare annual budget proposal for the office planning and seminars for cooperative staff and cooperative                               organizations.
                          c.       Prepare and encode letter/request, reports and other documents of reports/phone transaction or queries of                             clients re cooperative programs, issues and concerns. 
                          d.      Maintain and keep the office records for both the incoming/outgoing documents of reports/phone transaction                           or queries of clients re cooperative programs, issues and concerns.  


                          3. Payroll preparation and other related documents.


                           a. Prepare, encode and maintain records of payroll for casuals, permanents and job orders and all other attached               documents.





                      1. Implementation of the different loan assistance to cooperative such as:


                                A.   Laguna Credit Assistance Program (LCAP)

                                      a. To assist the Development Assistance Center of the Land Bank of the Philippines Region IV in the                                        process of the loan application of the Coop Applicant.

                                B.   Credit Surety Fund Program

                                       a. To assist the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in the promotion of the Credit Surety Fund Program  b                                 which is aimed at sustaining economic growth through increased credit flows.


                      2. CDA registration of newly organized cooperatives.


                             a. Assist the potential organized groups of newly formed cooperatives that undergoes Pre-Membership                                   Educarion Seminar from the PCDO in their documentation preparation prior to CDA registration.


                       3. Cooperatives Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance.


                              a. Support the conduct of the Annual General Assemble Meetings of all operating cooperatives in the province.

                              b. Monitor all cooperative program beneficiaries in the preparation of cooperatives documents, reportorial                               requirements, and coordinating activities with various agencies.


                        4.  Participate as Secretariat to the Laguna Provincial Cooperative Development Council (LPCDC).


                        5. Support/Assist the cooperatives in the preparation and submission of CDA Compliance Report with conformity to            their Memorandum Circulars such as Training Compliance Report, Performance Audit, Financial Statement Report,            Annual Reports, and Social Audit Report etc.


                       6. Participate in the coordinating activities, attendance in the Cooperative Summit/Cooperative                                                    Congress/Cooperative Month Celebration/International Year of Cooperatives, and among others. 


7. Prepare directory and master list of the cooperatives and their existing business activities.


8. Prepare and submit Project Activity Proposals, Budget Estimates and Program of Activities on the different

Cooperative Programs like Coop Month Celebration, Coop Trade Fair, and among others.


9. Assist the GO/NGOS/FINANCING INSTITUTIONS in the promotion of their credit assistance program/credit surety

fund program and among others.                    



1.  Cooperative Training and Education Services Section
a.   Preparation and facilitation of the Training Needs Analysis
b.   Preparation of Training Proposals and Designs for the different Cooperative Courses especially prescribed
by the CDA under RA 9520.
c.   Conduct of Training Proper Seminars/Workshops/etc.
d.   Conduct and facilitate the request for establishing the coops in all sectors such as:
d.1   Implementation of the Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES).
d.2   Conduct of Cooperative Values Orientation Seminar.
d.3  Conduct of Cooperative Fundamentals such as Values, History,         Philosophy, Principles and among others.
e. Conduct the CDA Training Courses for the development of all cooperative officers, staffs and members as mandated under RA 9520 such as :
e.1   Basic Cooperative Course
e.2   Cooperative Management and Governance
e.3   Policy Development
e.4   Financial Management System
e.5   Leadership and Values re-orientation
e.6   Basic Accounting for Non Accountants
e.7   Audit Management
e.8   Effective Communication Skills
e.9   Parliamentary Procedures
e.10   Conflict Management
e.11   Business Management
e.12   Cooperative Strategic Planning/Direction Setting
e.13   Other trainings as required under Republic Act 9520.
f.  Facilitate the conduct of Coop Congresses, Conferences, Coop Meetings, Cooperative Summits, Coop
Month Celebrations and others.  
g.  Coordinate to all concerned parties concerning cooperative development programs and projects.
g.1 Sustain the organization of the Local Cooperative Development Officers  
        (LCDO) such as the organization of the Municipal Cooperative
        Development Officers, City Coop Development Officers and among
g.2 Coordinate with the Municipal/City Cooperative Development Officers
        on the  different coop projects and programs for their implementation.
g.3. Support the Local Coop Development Council, Unions and Federations
        through implementation of newly prepared plans and programs for
g.4. Support the Regional and National Cooperative Development Councils’  show of force in its advocacy programs in the promotion of cooperativism on various coop services which dealt on issues on global warming, natural environment, migration, taxation, investment opportunities in the agri-based products of various cooperatives.  
h.  Help sustain the organizational and institutional development programs of the following:
·         Primaries   
·         Union (Cooperative Union of Laguna) and Federation (Federation of Transport Groups)
·         Local Cooperative Development Councils like the PCDC, CCDCs, MCDCs
·         League of Cooperative Officers like the League of Cooperative Development Officers of the Philippines-
·         Farmers’ Association (Cooperative Formation)
2.  Training Resource Development Section
a.     Responsible in the preparation of the Cooperative Training Materials, handouts, brochures, pamphlets, bulletins  for distribution in the different cooperative members who will attend/participate in the Cooperative Workshops, Seminars, Fora, etc.
b.          Responsible in the preparation and web development of the news articles prepared by the content writer and editor of the PCDO.
c. Preparation of training support materials prior to the conduct and implementation of all trainings such as video film clips, LCD, power point presentations, overhead projector screen, laptops, audios and among others. Assist the GO/NGOS/FINANCING INTITUTIONS in the promotion of their credit assistance program/credit surety fund program and among others.