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Laguna Provincial Hospital

Programs & Projects



Newborn Screening (NBS) is a simple procedure to find out if your baby has a congenital metaboic disorder that may lead to mental retardation and even death if left untreated.

The goal of newborn screening is to give all newborns a chance to live a normal life.  It provides the opportunity for early treatment of diseases that are diagnosed before symptoms appear.  Partner with Philippine Newborn Screening Program to monitor births that occur outside of hospitals for missed screenings, follow-up referrals and to ensure that infants with positive screen are referred for appropriate services.



The Laguna Provincial Hospital (LPH) encourages breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for a baby and special bond between mother and baby. Lactation consultations, educational classes and support groups are available, both during pregnancy and after; to help new moms make the most informed choice about this important decision.

  After the baby’s birth, Lactation Support Services is available at the bedside to provide specialized one-on-one training in breastfeeding management to help patients reach their goal. Lactation consultants can help patients by counseling, teaching and guiding moms in new techniques. 


The Immunization Program was established to prevent and control vaccine preventable diseases among District residents. The Immunization Program provides free immunization services to uninsured and underinsured District of Laguna residents. The Immunization Program works with other agencies, such as Department of Health (DOH), Provincial Health Office (PHO), District Hospitals, Municipal Health Workers (MHW), Barangay Health Workers (BHW), that deliver immunization services. We aim to keep children healthy and prevent families from acquiring vaccine-preventable diseases. 



This program was organized and started by Dra. Cosme since 1992.   In this program, patients can monitor his blood sugar.  The Laguna Diabetic Association make this program possible.  Some companies sponsoring this program every Tuesday for free.  Many patients benefited from this program because of early detection of his sugar level.  Early management of the disease itself and proper education prevents complications and can normalize his sugar level.  




Psychiatric Mental Health Program is provided in this institution every 1st Friday of the Month.  Dra. Lindo, a retired Psychiatric Doctor from National Mental Hospital is the one conducting a Psychiatric consultation.  With this program, early detection  and identification of the cases are being done. Thus, prevention and prolongation of the illness were properly given.



Created to promote the rabies control program.  This pogram aims to decrease death in rabies by injections of vaccines and total eradication of rabies in the Philippines to become a rabies-free country. Program of World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DOH) and Public Health Office (PHO) - geared toward eradication of rabies in the Philippines as well as educating people regarding rabies and awareness regarding the disease. Partners in this program are: DOH, PHO, LGU and MHU.  All patients bitten by dogs, cats, monkeys, horse, bats, etc.  benefits from this program. 



As part of the hospital's compliance to Philhealth Standards and continued improvement of the service in our institution.  The management under the leadership of Dr. Rene P. Bagamasbad and Hospital Infection Control Committee headed by Christina Marquez, MD, Imelda Palacol, MD and  Molette Gonzales, RN is revitalizing Programs for Infection Control.  Our Flagship Program is the establishment of LPH-NISS or Laguna Provincial Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Sytem.



The hospital waste management program in the Laguna Provincial Hospital aimed to reduced the number of waste generated in the hopsital.  All healthcare personnel and incoming personnel are oriented to practice waste minimization and segregation to achieve the goal.  This program prefvent the spread of infection.