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Provincial Human Resources Management Office

Provincial Human Resource Management Office Profile


 The Office of the Provincial Human Resource Management Office was created in 1993 by virtue of Resolution No. 74 approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on February 3, 1 1993, pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991 and Section 1-3, and 8 of Memorandum Circular No. 19, s. 1992 of the Civil Service Commission. Established to implement personnel management programs such as Recruitment and Promotion; Employee Welfare and Benefits; Personnel Relations; Employee Conduct and Discipline; Career and Employee Development; Personnel Performance and Evaluation. It also assists in carrying out policies, rules and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with the Civil Service law and Rules.


 The Provincial Human Resource Management Office will be a catalyst, continuously serving as the main arm of the Provincial Government of Laguna in ensuring committed, qualified, and highly motivated focused workforce responsive to the ever-changing needs, demands and challenges of the government and its constituents.


 To help the Provincial Government Employees become well rounded individuals, God-fearing servants, disciplined, responsible, and selfless in rendering public services.


 Established to foster effective and efficient personnel management and to promote career, personal, and morale development of all officials and employees of the Provincial Government of Laguna, We Commit-

  • Responsiveness to Employees’ Needs, Welfare and Benefits
  • Transparency in Recruitment and Promotion Procedure
  • Strict adherence with the Civil Service Law and Rules
  • Commitment to Service Excellence


Personnel DivisionPrimarily, the Personnel Division of the HRMO is in-charge of performing the following duties and responsibilities, such as:

  • Preparation and updating of annual statistical report of PGL employees including the devolved agencies pursuant to RA 7160;

  • Responsible in the preparation of necessary documents in recruitment and selection of employees involving original appointment, promotion, transfers, reinstatement and re-employment;

  • Assists in the preparation of Merit Promotional Plan and system of Ranking Positions;

  • Preparation of qualification standards of all applicants to be used by the Personnel Selection Board;

  • Assists personnel due for retirement from the different offices to facilitate processing of retirement benefits to the GSIS; and,

  • Securing and maintenance of office properties and equipment.


Records DivisionThe Records Division as considered by every one as the “lifeblood” of every organization is in charge of the following:

  • Custody and safekeeping of all documents and 201 file of all employees of the Provincial Government of Laguna including devolved offices;

  •  Establishment and maintenance of an active continuing program for the management preservation and disposition of records;

  • Keeps orderly filing system for easy retrieval of all personnel records and other documents of the Provincial Government of Laguna;

  • Recording, checking, and reviewing of the commutation and computations of sick leave credits of all personnel; and,

  • Maintenance and updating of Personnel Management Information System.

Training DivisionBroken down into general categories, the following are the functions and responsibilities of the Training Division:

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of in-service training and development programs solely or in coordination with the Civil Service Commission and/or other government agencies and institutions;

  • Formulation of standards for training and employee development programs.

  • Coordination and integration of all training programs;

  • Establishment of a continuing program for personnel development to achieve effective and economical service;

  • Designing of programs that enable the agency to maximize knowledge and skills gained by employees attending training programs;

  • Assists the department and agency in the development and implementation of performance standards evaluation systems and employee recognition program, and,

  • Preparation of communication and correspondence in relations to personnel management.

Payroll Division

  • Updates Personnel Management Information System (PMIS);
  • Updates salary deductions (loan premium, etc.) and/or deletion from payroll per concerned permanent employees;
  • Updates personnel by removal/exclusion from payroll prospective on maternity leave, leave without pay, insufficient leave credits and retirees;
  • Preparation of monthly payroll for Permanent employees;
  • Preparation of ALOBS and JEV (Journal Entry Voucher).