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Provincial General Services Office



            Procurement of supplies (construction, electrical, plumbing, office, hospital, printing, agricultural, veterinary, and etc.) and equipment (motor vehicles, farm, construction, hospital, laboratory, engineering, and etc.) and its delivery to the lawful recipients, for the realization of the Hon. Gov. Jeorge “E.R.” Ejercito Estregan, K2 Kinse Kumpleto Serbisyo Publiko Kontra Kahirapan. An arm to deliver the prime services to the people of Laguna.
            Under the procurement service of the Provincial General Services Office, the office is able to canvassed and processed the 1,955 Purchase Requests, including the inspection of the delivered items based on the 1,607 approved Purchase Order.
I.Repairs Completed:
1.    Repair & Maintenance of electrical system of Provincial Administrator’s Office and lobby of New Capitol Building – P 22,417.00;
2.     Repair & Repainting of REMMA Division & reception area of Provincial Veterinary Office at Brgy. Calios, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P 17,927.00;

                                                   BEFORE                                                     AFTER

3.     Repair of Public Affairs Office at New Capitol Building, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P47,635.00;
4.     Fabrication of built-in shelves at Provincial Administrator’s Office, New Capitol Building;
5.     Replacement of damaged Pressure Tank, Laundry Section at Laguna Provincial Hospital – P46,030.00;

6.  Replacement of Convertible Jet Pump/Motor Pump at Laguna Provincial Hospital, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P77,950.00;
7.  Replacement of fittings for water system of Provincial Ground, Provincial Capitol Compound, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P5,798.00;
8.  Painting of Provincial Veterinary, Livestock Production Division, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P17,927.00
                                BEFORE                                                           AFTER
9.     Repainting of Provincial Auditor’s Office (2 rooms), Gusaling San Luis , Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P16,690.00;
                                   BEFORE                                                   AFTER

10. Repair or of RTC Branch 26, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P86,748.00;
                                     BEFORE                                                              AFTER
11. Siphoning of 2 Septic Tank at RTC, Sta. cruz, Laguna –P88,000.00;
12. Installation of screen windows and door at Dietary Section of Laguna Provincial Hospital, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P55,536.00;

13. Repair of three (3) glass door & floor tiles at PPL-Bay, Bay, Laguna – P46,325.00;

14. Maintenance of roof of Cultural Center & roof GSO extension office – P11,515.00;
15. Repair of glass door of Budget Office & Accounting Office – P10,720.00;
16. Repair of electrical lines of Air-conditions at Sanggunian Panlalawigan – P33,452.70;
                             BEFORE                                                       AFTER

17. Repair & replacement of Jetmatic Pump at Sanggunian Panlalawigan –P49,350.00;
18. Repair of PVC line & replacement of fitting of comfort room at PPL-Bay, Laguna –P49,419.75;
19. Repair & replacement of water tank at PPL-Bay, Laguna – P24,250.00;
20. Repair & Reconnection of electrical lines of one (1) Nipa Hut at FAITH Garden – P3,515.00;
21. Tinting of Glass divider of Auditor’s Office, Gusaling San Luis Bldg., Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P29,086.22;


22. Tinting of Glass divider of Executive Assistant’s Office at New Capitol Bldg., Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P18,087.00;
23. Replacement of pin lights at FAITH Training Center & Repair of Jetmatic Pump of New Capitol Bldg. – P8,090.00;

24. Repair & Installation of electrical meters of Botika ng Bayan at Laguna Provincial Hospital, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P66,115.50;


25. Replacement of Lavatory fittings at Nurses Station, Palacol II Bldg., & Repainting of Room I, OPD Bldg., Laguna Provincial Hospital – P12,833.00;

26. Repair & Repainting of Liwasang San Luis, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P49,776.00;



27. Siphoning of Septic Tank at Dietary Section, Laguna Provincial Hospital, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P160,000.00;
28. Repair of Provincial Cooperative Development Office (formerly Gabay Office) – P22,950.70;
                             BEFORE                                                             AFTER
29. Maintenance of electrical system of Printing Office (formerly Special Livelihood Office) – P3,732.50;
30.  Repair/Repainting of Housing Office, San Luis Bldg., Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P17,284.00;
                             BEFORE                                                           AFTER


31. Repair of Comfort Room at Palacol Bldg., Laguna Provincial Hospital, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – P28,506.00.




II. Daily Job Orders Accomplished (requested by diff.offices)
a.               Electrical Services
b.               Carpentry Services
c.                Plumbing Services
d.               Air-conditioning Services
III. Maintained the Cleanliness of diff. areas:
a.             New Capitol lobby & comfort rooms
b.             San Luis Bldg. lobby & comfort rooms
c.              Old Capitol Bldg. lobby & comfort rooms
d.             FAITH Training Center (Gov.JEE’s office)
e.             PPO-Clinical Office & MISO
f.              SLO’s comfort rooms
g.             Cultural Center
h.             Provincial Capitol ground
i.               Regional Trial Court ground
j.               Plant Boxes from Red Cross Office to Sta. Cruz Post Office
1.     Provided office supplies needed by various offices and hospitals of the Province of Laguna as per approved SAI (273) and RIS (264);
2.     Prepared and submitted supplies adjustment report (documents re: office & janitorial supplies issued to different offices) to the Office Prov’l. Accountant;
3.     Kept, accepted and released various materials for donation to different Barangays, Municipalities & NGO’s of the office of the Governor;
4.     Issued Clearances to 502 employees in connection with Application for Leave (VL and SL), retirement, terminal leave and monetization purposes;
5.     Prepared Memorandum Receipt and Property Issue Slip (102) of equipment, furniture & fixtures newly purchased by the Province of Laguna;
6.     Conducted Physical Inventory of various equipment/furniture & fixtures of government offices and hospitals of the Province including Laguna University.


It is the prime duty of the Provincial general Services Office to secure the property/ies of the Provincial Government. With this, buildings & other equipment owned by the Provincial Government are insured amounting to          P 1,345,715.33
Added to this, is the registration of seventy-four (74) government owned motor vehicles with Plate Numbers ending from 7, 8, 9 & 0 which costs                  P 703,249.51.
                 E. OTHERS
                        In disposing government harvests and scraps, the Provincial General Services Office, conducted auction sale of     empty ink cartridges, empty gallons, containers and scrap irons.
Assorted Empty Cartridge – 284 pcs. - - - - - - - P 5,600.00
Empty Gallon/Containers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -       5,865.00
Rambutan – 154 trees @P30 kls./tree - - - - - -   70,000.00
Rice – PSB –RC-134 – 3,836 kilos - - - - - - - - -  43,155.00
                                                                                P 124,155.00