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Field Agricultural Extension Services


  1. Provision of Agricultural and Fishery Inputs
  2. Provision of Technical Services on Crops, Fishery and Soils
  3. Conduct of Seminars
  4. Market Linkaging and Product Sourcing for Laguna Agricultural Trading Center (LATC)




Special Programs





  • Hand Tractor
  • Water Pump
  • Weeder
  • Knapsack Sprayer 
FITS Center
Recurring and persistent   localized problems of farmers are tackled in the forum. Specialist are being invited to discuss updates on specific issues affecting the local farmers. This is claimed one of the most effective way of disseminating information.Local problems are being given consideration   in every forum.
A Season Long training of Farmer on the Modern Technologies and approve production practices. It considers the standard in 8 components 
  • Seeds - Certified Seeds - Hybrid Seeds
  • Land Preparation - 1 month Period 
  • Raising Healthy Seedlings -
  • Sufficient Number of Seedlings - 100 sq.  meters equivanlen tto 25 seedlings at 20 by 20 cm. distances 
  • Fertilization - Minus One Element Technique  - Leaf color chart
  • Pest Management -Economic Threshold level
  • Irrigation Management - 1 to 3 cm./ 3 to 5cm / 5 to  cm. base on the age of the palay plant
  • Post Harvest Technology - Cutting of 80% of maturity cutting / threshing minimal spillage etc.

A trainee meet of  for half day at weekly interval for 16 weeks consider his decision making capabality, the method to be used in deciding the crop production strategy for his own field. He his expected to be an expert after the training.    

 Farmers are hesitant to adapt certain technology if they cannot see for themselves the effect of such technology to the overall performance in terms of yield, comparing the cost with the benefits they can decide if they shall adopt or not to adopt certain technology. So is very important to showcase successfully new or improved techonology thru technodemo 
 With the withdrawal of subsidy program of DA national Office the PALAY farmers my use the good seed and other unknown varieties, to prevent this  to hapen we have to sustain subsidy program so as sufficient level we gain during the period can be further improved. Our seed growers association can manintain their level of participation in continuance of their seed production as the demand for cerified seeds can be reduced  1.200 amount  if solely burne by the rice farmers. There is urgent need for the Provincial Govermnent to finance the subsidy program equivalent to total amount the farmers requesting.     
 Varieties performed differently in given ecosystem a such, there is critical need to test performance of each in a given environment. this is essence of tthe adaptabilty trial so that varietal recomendaion can be on soecific location. 
It assists farmers in developing their ability to make critical and informed decisions that render corn productionIt assists farmers in developing their ability to make critical and informed decisions that render corn production systems more productive, profitable and sustainable. systems more productive, profitable and sustainable.
  •                 Sweet Corn Derby/ Varietal Trial
                Determine the sweet corn variety that can outperform other varieties in terms of germination, plant vigor and yield and promote awareness on promising variety of sweet corn for a sustainable agriculture.
  •                  White Corn Demo Showcase

             Establishment of demonstration area that would serve as show window of the promising characteristics and benefits of white corn and promoting it as substitute to rice

  •                   Distribution of Sweet Corn Seeds and Glutinous Corn Seeds to farmer-beneficiaries.
Provision of Biological Control
  •                   Distribution of Trichogramma cards and earwigs to corn farmers promoting it as biological control over pests and diseases.

Provison of BIO-N     

                               Distribution of BIO-N to corn farmers. BIO-N reduced 50% of recommended fertilizer containing Nitrogen.

Provision of Biological Control

                               Distribution of Trichogramma cards and earwigs to promote use of biological control for pests and diseases. 

Maintaining  high  quality products  is  a  function of  variety  & the  type  of  seeds  used  during  production.   More  or  less   farmers are   assured  of  the  crops  shall meet  the  standard  set  by  the National  Agency

Young pupils  are  provided  with  learning  experienced thru technology  demonstration.  In  this  way  additional  source  of  protein  and  value in  hard  work are  shared and  learned   in  this    way.  Maximization  of  the  use    of  open and unproductive    spaces   are   being taught I n  this  way.  

Pest Klinic

Pest  incidence are  reduced  dramatically  when  the  pest  klinik  are   first  introduced.  The  assessment of  the  degree  of    Infestation  are  tackled  by  the  resource  speaker  with  appropriate  documentation  to  back  it  up.  IPM practice  area     consider  during  the  klinik  before  considering  pest  control  thru  chemical.


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Fingerlings:Source  and  quality of    fingerlings  always shall be   considered  in successful  production  of  fishes.   So  in selection,  expert  would  always  discussed  the  quality of  fingerlings,  the  realiability   of  its  source ,  the  adaptability  of  its  kind  to  certain ecosystem so  as mortality  be  minimized    the  aspects  goes  together  for  a  good  results.

Lake Seeding


Dwindling and  limited   fish  catch  nowadays are  being  complained  by  fisherfolks.  In order  that  this  problem  be  resolved   lake  seeding  are  periodically  scheduled  in  resolving   this issue.

Provision of Patrol Boat


Illegal  fishing  is  identified  one  problem  that should  be  addressed  in  counteracting  the  dwindling  fish  resources  in  our  lake.    The  illegal operators  can  only  be  apprehended and  brought  to  justice  if  caught  in  the  act  of  committing  the  illegal  activities.  So  patrol  boat are  then  necessary  in   mitigating  or  even  apprehending  the  culprits.



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Special Programs


Food Processing

The  supply  of  vegetables,   fruits  and fishes  are  usually  plentiful  during  the  time  of  harvest  but  in  short supply  during  lean  months.   To  address this  issue  processing  of  this  commodity  shall  resolve  the  problem and   can   even  make  the  supply  meet  in  between  normal  production




Feeding Program





Seminar on Orchid's Production





Orchid's Dispersal


 4 H Club               

Farm Youth Development

Organizing 4H Club- an organization of rural youth primarily the out-of-school youth (OSY) involved in education programs and income-generating projects for the four-fold development of the HEAD, HEART, HANDS and HEALTH.

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Agricultural Engineering Section Section to provide assistance to farmer cooperatives, associationns groups in he acquisiions of appropriate farm equipment that are needed to increase agricultural productiviy and income.

Soils Analysis

  • Soil sampling and Analysis
  • Fertilizer and lime Recommendation per coop.


FITS Center

Information Services

                           Provision of IEC materials in various multimedia formats, exhibits new technologies and products; internet service, Short Message Service; and FITS databases.

Technology Services

                         Provision of technology training, technology clinic, linking clients to experts and financial institutions, technical assistance and consultancy, support to enterprise development, and linkingwith sources of planting materials, animal stocks, and agricultural inputs.

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