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Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Office



Sustainable development in all areas for Effective Regeneration of Natural Resources and Ecology in the Province of Laguna.


To ensure that Provincial policies are Pro-environment, people friendly and kind to businesses and investments for it to  flourish in a healthful environmental setting situationally enhanced by people with high productivity and who enjoy an upscale quality of life.


The Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) under the Provincial Government of Laguna is the implementing arm of the devolved DENR activities. Pursuant to RA 7160 serve as the implementing arm to all the Resolutions/Ordinances enacted by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, national laws and its implementing rules and regulations and isssuance of  concern for  the development and management of the environment and natural resources.  Likewise, it will act as linkage to all other national offices with mandate on the protection and management of  the Environment and Natural Resources.

Forest Management Section

The mangement, protection, rehabilitation and maintenance of small watershed areas which are sources of local water supply as identified or be identified by the DENR.

  1. Implementation of the following community-based forestry projects
  • Integrated Social Forestry Projects, currently funded out of regular appropriations except at least one project per province that shall serve as research and training laboratory as located unprotected areas and critical  watershed.
  • Completed family and community-based contract reforestation projects, subject to policies and procedures prescribed by the DENR.
  • Management and control of communal forest with an area not exceeding fifty (50) square kilometer or five thousand (5,000) hectares.

       2.  Management, protection, rehabilitation and maintenance of small watershed areas which are sources of local water                       supply  as identified or to ne identified by the DENR.

       3.  Enforcement of forest laws in community-based forestry project areas, samll watershed areas and communal forest.

  • Prevention of forest fire, illegal cutting and kaingin.
  • Apprehension of violators of forest laws, rules and regulations.
  • Confiscation of illegally extracted forest products on site.
  • Imposition of appropriate penalties for illegal logging, smuggling of natural resource products and of endangered species of flora and fauna, slash and burn farming and other unlawful activities.
  • Confiscation, forfeiture and disposition of conveyance equipment and other implement used in the commission 

Protected Areas and Wildlife

  1. Establishment, protection and maintenance of tree parks and other tourist attraction in areas  identified and delineated by the local government units.
  2. Municipal tree park at Bay District Hospital Bay, Laguna
  3. Except export and import, regulation of flora outside protected areas including industries and businessess and industries are registered with the DENR for monitoring purposes.
  4. Implementation of the Rehabilitation in Conservation Hotspots (RICH) and the Conservation of Rare and Endagered Species (CARE) activites in areas identified and delineated by the DENR.

Envrionmental Management Section

  1. Enforcement of pollution control and environmental protection laws, rules nad regulations.
  2. Implementation of solid waste disposal and other environmental management systems and services related to general hygiene and sanitation such as sewage and household waste disposal.
  • Executive Order No. i, Series of 1999 (Monitoring/evaluation of municipal dumpsite)
  • Provincial Ordinance No. 5, series of 1997 (Monitoring of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and funeral parlors)

        3.  Abatement of noise and other forms of nuisance as defined by law

        4.  Implementation of ceased and desist orders issued by the Pollution Adjudication Board.

        5.  Participation of LGU in the Multi-Partite Monitoring Team (MMT) in the evaluation, assessment and inspection of projects                sited in the province issued with ECC by the DENR.

Mines and Geo-Sciences Development Section

  • Enforcement  of the small scale mining law subject to the policies standards and guidelines of the DENR>
  • Recommend to the Governor thru the PMRB the issuance of permit for guano collection and to extract sand, gravel and other quarry resources.
  • Verification and adjudication of conflicts on the collection of fees and charges for guano collection and extraction of sand, gravel and other quarry materials.
  • Imposition and collection of fees and charges on sand, gravel and other quarry resources.

Special Concern regarding Land Problem

  1. Resolve minor land and/or boundary conflicts.
  2. Conduct of cadastral lot survey and isolated special survey.

Other Activities

  1. Establishment of nurseries
  2. Implementation of Republic Act 9003, Republic Act 8749 and Republic Act 6969


  1. To strengthen the ENRO and make it relevant to the needs of the ENR sector in the Province of Laguna.
  2. To facilitate  the implementation of national policies on ENR at the province level and  the formulation of localized version when necessary.
  3. To strengthen regulatory and monitoring function of the office as strategy in fund generation for the province (i.e. making the ENRO as one of the sources of revenue for the development projects of the province);
  4. To strengthen developments efforts in addressing ENR issues and concerns.
  5. To strengthen linkages with Muniicpal/City ENR Office, the private sector, national agencies,  non-government organizations and peoples organization towards partnership and sustainable in the development  in the province.