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Laguna Chest Center




The creation of the original LAGUNA CHEST CENTER and TB DEMONSTRATION CENTER building as a separate and distinct public health institution originally and directly under the Provincial Government of Laguna in 1950 has been made possible through the initiative of former Gov. Dominador E. Chipeco out of the sweepstakes funds as documented and inscribed on the marker located beside the main door of its building.

Since then, the Laguna Chest Center has been noted for the chest X-ray examinations using the 70 millimeter roll films mostly for health clearance purposes along with the other laboratory procedures such as BCG vaccinations, urinalysis, complete blood count (CBC) and early in the 1970’s came the sputum examinations.

It was in the year 1993 and onwards, LCC has started using 14”x17” X-ray films as a very effective TB diagnostics tool followed by the JICA’s introduction of direct sputum microscopy where LCC medical technologists have been trained as professional microscopists and validators, thus making LCC as a Quality Assurance for Sputum Microscopy under NTP/DOTS to ensure early detection and treatment of TB cases hence, improving and strengthening the NTP implementation in the Laguna Province.

In the early part of 2007, two (2) public health concerns have been developed to LCC by DOH-REP namely the STD/HIV and Leprosy Prevention and Control Programs enhancing more of the technical capabilities of LCC to become the Center of Major Infectious Diseases in the Province of Laguna.

After more than five (5) decades of starting merely as a humble TB demonstration area since 1951 specially serving the marginalized and less fortunate Lagunenses, the LAGUNA CHEST CENTER has withstood the test of time gearing towards as a bigger, better, and a stronger provincial health care provider with its facility/structure radically transformed into a state-of-the-art building under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration in 2008 jointly with the Provincial Government of Laguna fully supported by twenty six (26) personnel and headed by Dr. RAMON B. CARLOS.



The LAGUNA CHEST CENTER fully backed up by a highly competent and well trained personnel which has been created out of the Phil. Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds in 1950 thru the initiatives of former Gov. Dominador E. Chipeco and has evolved from a simple TB demonstration area into a Radiology, Microscopy, Quality Assurance and Referral Center of major infectious diseases such as TB, STI/HIV/AIDS and Leprosy will  continue to serve as a distinct and responsive community based health facility and a reliable partner in the medical and dental outreach programs of the Provincial Government of Laguna ensuring that the less fortunate Laguneños receive the necessary and appropriate medical and dental assistance, diagnostic procedures, medicines and health education in their respective communities without going through the hardship of reaching out any health institution thus, creating a very positive effect  on the lifestyle and wellness of the Laguneños.




To sustain and make viable our community health plans and programs for TB, STI/HIV/AIDS, LEPROSY and Medical & Dental Mission through the preventive, curative, rehabilitative and control measures with strong political will, pro-active participation and full support of all stakeholders hence, continuously moving forward to the highest level of competency, productivity, competitiveness and wellness of every Laguneño



To ensure that the Laguna Chest Center is fully supportive of the Laguna Provincial Government’s programs where quality health care will be made accessible specially to the marginalized and depressed areas province wide.

To promote wholesome family and community welfare thru the effective prevention and control of major infectious diseases such as TB, STD/HIV/AIDS, and LEPROSY.

To create and increase the level of awareness thru intensified and synchronized continuing health education and advocacy campaigns hence, decreasing the prevalence and incidence  rate of TB, STD/HIV/AIDS, and LEPROSY.

To transform the LAGUNA CHEST CENTER into a specialized public health institution that will serve as a CENTER FOR SPECIFIC INFECTIOUS DISEASES. (TB, STD/HIV/AIDS, and LEPROSY).

With strong political will of the LAGUNA PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT, LAGUNA CHEST CENTER will continue to bring closer the FREE MEDICAL & DENTAL services to the poorest of the poor located in the six hundred seventy four (674) barangays in Laguna.